Save 20% on Marvel Pre-Orders
Save 20% on Marvel Pre-Orders

How to Buy from One Stop Comic Books / Comics By Sean

One Stop Comic Books sells our own comics through the comicsbysean page and store on E-bay.  You can read our shipping and payment policies on that page.

ComicsBySean Now Accepts Gold and Silver for Payment!

We also accept gold coin and bullion, as well as silver coin and bullion for payment.  Bullion must be from a recognized and approved source (such as the Northwest Territorial Mint or other recognized source).  You may also make payment to my account at .

The barter for gold and silver will be in for the same melt value (at current spot quote) at the time of sale.  For example, you click here and figure our how many pre-1965 silver coins would be required to complete the sale.


If you would like to trade, contact me through my comicsbysean E-bay account to work the details. I usually am willing to trade for Golden Age War, Super-hero, and major keys from any era.