Save 20% on Marvel Pre-Orders
Save 20% on Marvel Pre-Orders

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X-men #116 For Sale

X-men #116 is one part of the Byrne run of X-men and highly sought after in X-men collections. Copies for sale can be found below.

X-men 116 For Sale

X-men 116 For Sale Now

Amazing Spider-man # 300 For Sale

Amazing Spider-man #300 remains one of the key Spider-man issues in the run. The deep black cover is unforgiving of defects and gives way to the Black Spidey story.

Amazing Spider-man 300 For Sale

Amazing Spider-man 300 CGC High Grade For Sale Now

Yu Gi Oh Marik Structure Deck For Sale at Deep Discount

The Yu Gi Oh Marik Structure Deck has quickly become a favorite of duelists everywhere. It’s been recommended to buy 2 of these decks to get the most potent force. This insures you get 3 necrovalley, Gravekeeper’s Assailant, and a few other key cards. The best way to accomplish this is by not paying full retail. I’ve seen the decks as low as $7.50 on E-bay and you can find the discounts below.

Discount Marik Structure Deck For Sale Now

The Marik Structure Deck Includes:

From the deserts of Ancient Egypt to the streets of Battle City, Structure Deck: Marik unites the incredible forces of the Tomb Keepers and Rare Hunters into a single Deck, modeled after Marik’s Deck from the original Yu-Gi-Oh! animated series.
Structure Deck: Marik includes a 40-card, tournament legal Deck with cards like Lava Golem, Gil Garth, Legendary Fiend, Metal Reflect Slime, and Mirror Force! It also comes with a full assortment of Gravekeeper’s monsters, protecting the treasures of the Kings of Egypt!

As a special bonus, Structure Deck: Marik also includes 2 additional Ultra Rare cards: Temple of the Kings and Mystical Beast of Serket!

Structure Deck: Marik Contains: 39 Common Cards, 3 Ultra Rare Cards, 1 Rulebook, 1 Game Mat, 1 Dueling Guide

Thanksgiving and Black Friday Comic Book Sale

In celebration of Thanksgiving and “Black Friday” I’m running a sale on comic books at my Comicsbysean E-bay store.

Check out the deals below:

Black Friday Comic Book Sales

G.I. Joe Private Stash

Here are some G.I. Joe figures and sets that aren’t on E-bay yet but part of my “private stash.” These will be listed on E-bay soon, so if you want them shoot me a message with your contact information and make an offer. Check out my buying page for contact information.

Here are the G.I Joes:

G.I. Joe Airborne at Normandy
G.I. Joe Harley Davidson U.S. Army Courier
G.I. Joe WW II Commemorative Action Figures (4)
G.I. Joe Rescue of the Lost Squadron