Save 20% on Marvel Pre-Orders
Save 20% on Marvel Pre-Orders

X-men #116 For Sale

X-men #116 is one part of the Byrne run of X-men and highly sought after in X-men collections. Copies for sale can be found below.

X-men 116 For Sale

X-men 116 For Sale Now

Amazing Spider-man # 300 For Sale

Amazing Spider-man #300 remains one of the key Spider-man issues in the run. The deep black cover is unforgiving of defects and gives way to the Black Spidey story.

Amazing Spider-man 300 For Sale

Amazing Spider-man 300 CGC High Grade For Sale Now

Yu Gi Oh Marik Structure Deck For Sale at Deep Discount

The Yu Gi Oh Marik Structure Deck has quickly become a favorite of duelists everywhere. It’s been recommended to buy 2 of these decks to get the most potent force. This insures you get 3 necrovalley, Gravekeeper’s Assailant, and a few other key cards. The best way to accomplish this is by not paying full retail. I’ve seen the decks as low as $7.50 on E-bay and you can find the discounts below.

Discount Marik Structure Deck For Sale Now

The Marik Structure Deck Includes:

From the deserts of Ancient Egypt to the streets of Battle City, Structure Deck: Marik unites the incredible forces of the Tomb Keepers and Rare Hunters into a single Deck, modeled after Marik’s Deck from the original Yu-Gi-Oh! animated series.
Structure Deck: Marik includes a 40-card, tournament legal Deck with cards like Lava Golem, Gil Garth, Legendary Fiend, Metal Reflect Slime, and Mirror Force! It also comes with a full assortment of Gravekeeper’s monsters, protecting the treasures of the Kings of Egypt!

As a special bonus, Structure Deck: Marik also includes 2 additional Ultra Rare cards: Temple of the Kings and Mystical Beast of Serket!

Structure Deck: Marik Contains: 39 Common Cards, 3 Ultra Rare Cards, 1 Rulebook, 1 Game Mat, 1 Dueling Guide

Thanksgiving and Black Friday Comic Book Sale

In celebration of Thanksgiving and “Black Friday” I’m running a sale on comic books at my Comicsbysean E-bay store.

Check out the deals below:

Black Friday Comic Book Sales

G.I. Joe Private Stash

Here are some G.I. Joe figures and sets that aren’t on E-bay yet but part of my “private stash.” These will be listed on E-bay soon, so if you want them shoot me a message with your contact information and make an offer. Check out my buying page for contact information.

Here are the G.I Joes:

G.I. Joe Airborne at Normandy
G.I. Joe Harley Davidson U.S. Army Courier
G.I. Joe WW II Commemorative Action Figures (4)
G.I. Joe Rescue of the Lost Squadron

Comics by Sean Now Offering G.I. Joe Figures

Comics by Sean is proud to announce the beginning of my own personal G.I. Joe collection for sale.  I have a few pieced that were given to me as gifts over the years.  They are all new in the box, never opened, and stored in my smoke free house.  Check the E-bay items below and my “G.I. Joe Private Stash” for figures and sets that aren’t listed yet.

Vintage GI Joe

Has there ever been an action figure more popular than GI Joe?  The most collectible and valuable examples of figures, vehicles, clothing and action sets come from before 1980 – called “vintage” on E-bay.

If you are searching for some classic examples of this American Icon, look no further.  Check out the listings below:

Comics by Sean Comic Books For Sale Posted

The Comics by Sean Comics For Sale page has been posted. These are comic book from my private stock.

You can click here to visit the sales page.